CAF Organizational Structure

The non-profit California Architectural Foundation (CAF) advances sustainable communities through research and education and envisions itself as a portal through which the exchange of information can occur. CAF serves as the state-wide link between the design professions, the public and the academy. CAF is uniquely positioned to influence critical environmental and societal issues by bringing together both academic and professional perspectives, by supporting needed research and educational vision and by providing a forum for sharing this work. The advancement of sustainable communities—the very essence of its mission—is achieved through its participation in professional activities and support for educational initiatives such as design competitions, scholarships, conferences and research-related programs. Together, these functions support the broader goal of making a positive difference in people’s lives in the built and natural environments that surround them.

The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) is the elected governing body of the California Architectural Foundation. The business and affairs of CAF are managed by a Board of Regents, comprised of Academic Regents, representing California Schools of Architecture, and Professional Regents, drawn from the design professions and the public. This group represents the dual nature of the organization, with its support for academic programs and opportunities and its development activities within the professional community. Officers of the Foundation constitute the members of the Executive Committee and the leadership of the primary committees that are the engine behind CAF activities.

The Professional Regents, selected from diverse geographic regions of the state, include architects, engineers, landscape architects, planners and others. All Regents serve for staggered three year terms and participate on at least one of CAF’s committees, each with a particular focus in furthering CAF’s mission.